Sherry helped me to learn new things about my fiction writing habits and myself as a writer that have helped me be more productive and explore my creativity. I would happily recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to bring their writing to another level.

Though my work with Sherry Peters was brief due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I found each of our three sessions extremely helpful. Sherry has the keen ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly, so I found each session, even though it was only an hour long, we covered a lot of ground and I spend the month between ruminating on what we discussed. We covered three very important tools which, ultimately, helped me make important career decisions not only for professional success but personal well-being. Despite these sessions having a focus on writing, Sherry did not hesitate to explore other avenues, such as deeper personal problems behind career obstacles (in my case, difficulty saying no). Our final session was about setting goals, long-term and short, and I have since made use of this strategy on my own.

I would recommend Sherry to any writer who wants to take charge of their career and clear away the things that stops them. Often those obstacles have nothing to do with skill and everything to do with self-doubt or personal difficulty, and Sherry’s approach is to address those areas in a sensitive, constructive manner.

As a barely-published writer with a pile of unfinished projects and difficulty focusing on one thing from one day to the next, having weekly coaching sessions with Sherry was extremely helpful in bringing me back to my goals. Accountability to a person is certainly a part of this, but only a part. The person matters, and Sherry has a gift for asking seemingly innocuous questions that waft right though my confusion and resistance and let me see clearly what aspect of me is getting in my way. My writing is more honest and authentic as a result. I got to know myself better as well, which is rarely pleasant, but always useful. Thanks, Sherry, for your insight, respect, and compassion. You do good work.


As a mid-career, professional novelist, I had not understood everything I might gain from working with a coach until I met Sherry Peters. Sherry’s openness, enthusiasm and sympathy supported me while I worked through some obstacles in my path, and helped me to understand how the setbacks I had experienced early on might still be holding me back. She listened deeply, asked the right questions, and used her silences to encourage me to express all I needed to. Our calls left me excited to get back to work, and gave me concrete action steps I needed to take to reach my goals.

After working with Sherry, I feel more confident, more motivated and more excited to write. I’m better able to focus on the joys of my career and more optimistic about my writing direction. She helped me to examine my priorities and made me accountable for my progress. Sherry’s coaching has given me a strong boost in the right direction as an author, and the new novel I was intimidated to start is already well under way! I was not convinced when I first made contact that a coach could do a lot for me—and now I feel stronger and more capable, thanks to her. When my new project sells, Sherry Peters deserves the dedication. She is a fantastic partner, cheerleader, and guide in the chaotic career that is writing.

Before I started my coaching sessions with Sherry, I thought I was actually doing pretty good with my writing. I thought I was productive, and although I have made improvements in the craft over the years, I was looking for something to take me to the next level in my writing. What I quickly discovered was that I was more burned out than I had realized. I needed some balance in my life, and Sherry helped me find that. And, she helped me come up with some visible and tactile reminders to help me maintain that balance.

I’ve actually been more productive recently even though I feel like I spend less overall time writing. I think part of the boost in my productivity is being accountable to someone else. Every time I speak with Sherry, I tell her what I’ve been up to writing-wise, and I don’t want to say, “Well, I ended up goofing off on the Internet in all my free time,” or whatever the excuse might be. Another part of the boost has come from talking things out with her. I actually had some fears left over from last year and an unsuccessful agent search. But after talking things through with Sherry, I came to a few decisions. And it was surprisingly easy to come to these decisions. I just had to move past my fear.

Moving past that fear has meant that I feel more confident in my writing. I’m still working towards that next level, but I no longer feel stuck, or like I’m missing something. I feel like I’m doing the right thing for my writing career, and I’m pleased with my progress so far this year. I’d definitely recommend Sherry for anybody who wants to improve their writing and their life.

Sherry is a good listener and asks all the right questions. Because she is a writer herself, she understands the process and gives great advice about balancing writing with working a day job.

Working with Sherry has been like getting wings and enabled to fly. For years I put off completing a novel, unable to find time due to work, care of family and everyday life. Frustrated, I continually put my dream on hold. That was until coached by Sherry. Since then not only have I completed my novel ahead of schedule, but I am starting on a second while perfecting my first’s pitch. With her weekly calls, cheerful attitude, and positive words, Sherry coached me to novel’s end and beyond. Without her, I would still be wishing and not achieving. I will use “coach” Sherry again to attain other goals, which means I won’t just dream the life I want, but live it.


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