Coaching FAQ

What is Coaching?

What an athletic coach does for your body, a Success Coach does for your life. Coaching is a powerful one-on-one supportive relationship that will assist you in finding out what winning in life really means to you. A Coach provides the tools, structure and support necessary for you to design a life that has purpose and fulfillment.

Coaching works because the immediate focus is on what is most important for the client. The client’s individual needs, values, beliefs, goals, visions and dreams are brought to the forefront. Coaches are trained to help you discover the answers, which are already in your possession, and then utilize them with purpose and clarity. In other words…. get results faster!

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on working with the past to heal old wounds. Coaching is positive, working with the present, and successfully moving forward.

How does a coaching session work?

The first session is 60 minutes with subsequent sessions 45 minutes in length.

Before the session, you will be required to fill out a Session Preparation Form to optimize your results and our time together. After the session, you will also be required to complete a Post Coaching Integration Form to support your growth and commitment and success.

I live in a different city, does that matter?

Coaching can be done either in person, via skype, or over the telephone. The choice is yours!

What about Confidentiality?

Clients’ confidentiality is ensured and information will not be released without informed consent, except in cases where a child/youth’s safety, well-being, or the safety of others is at risk. Specific information may be released, at the coach’s discretion, as per the Criminal Code of Canada, and the guidelines of the Province of Manitoba, and where the coach is required by law to give evidence in court.

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