Good News Monday!

It’s time to start the week with good news! That is, I want to hear YOUR good news and celebrate it with you! Big news! Small news! Medium Sized news! Anything good, I want to hear it and celebrate with you!

This is your chance to boast about remembering to trim your nails or that you finally completed that project you’ve been working on for ages!

12 thoughts on “Good News Monday!

  1. It’s been almost six weeks and we haven’t killed or injured the baby yet! Also, I’m about to check some things off my list that have been left undone since before Christmas. Huzzah!

    1. Betsy! That’s awesome! Checking things off to do lists is always great, but is even better when you have a new-born! Kiss your little bundle of joy for me! And Congrats on keeping her alive! Though I have total faith in you and Matt!

  2. I’m a couple days late on this, but I just got my conditional approval for my student line of credit, and put down my deposit to hold my place in a flight course starting in april.

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