Good News Monday!

It has been a particularly rough week for a lot of people in Boston, Texas, China, and Ontario. It can be so easy to get pulled into the horror and tragedy and see no good in the world when there are bombings, explosions, earthquakes and floods. And yet through all of these horrific events, communities pull together to help each other and we are reminded that there is good in this world.

So I would like to dedicate today’s Good News Monday to the first responders, the doctors and nurses, and everyone who has helped a neighbour or friend or total stranger this past week, wherever you are. And I celebrate you as my Good News this Monday.

What is your Good News? What acts of kindness have you seen?

5 thoughts on “Good News Monday!

  1. Sherry’s already seen my twitter posts, I’m sure, but my medical came in last Wenesday, and they let me up to do my first solo! It’s weird, after so many flights knowing that my instructor can fix anything I screw up, suddenly not having her there. But it’s been a bit since I’ve needed her help with a landing, so when I felt like I should be scared, I just remembered that it’s all the same as before, and I’m not doing anything I haven’t proven I can do. Or at least, Sandra wouldn’t let me go up if she wasn’t sure I could do it.

    Now that lingering feeling like I’m an impostor, like any time now, something will happen and someone will tell me that this is all a silly wish and I don’t really get to follow my dreams, that’s mostly, if not all gone now. I’ve proved myself, and that last road block, the medical is out of the way and they can’t change their minds about it.

    1. That is awesome, Lindsay! And even more important than flying solo, is that you believe in yourself, and you trust yourself. That imposter syndrome is your saboteur trying to stop you. Now that you believe in yourself, you can silence your saboteur whenever it rears its ugly head!

      1. It’s been rearing it’s ugly head a lot through all of this – I had to get a big stick to beat it with 🙂 Though, sometimes what people mistake for perseverance or goal-orientedness, for me, is actually just me having trouble coping with a change of plans. 😛 But when I really want something, I can get pretty damn stubborn and resourceful.

          1. I’m working on a post, but I’ve been sick with a cold since sunday, and just getting over it. I’ve flown through it though, and built up about 5 hours of solo time now. Flying solo really has shifted the way I think of it – when you’re in the plane alone, you don’t have that safety net of your instructor who can fix anything you screw up. They’ve decided that you’re competent enough not to screw up so badly that you’re going to damage the plane. At which point I think, “how the hell have I not killed myself by now?”

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