Good News Monday!

With winter dragging on like this and it being a Monday morning and all, we need to celebrate some good news to give the week a good kick-start.  What good news do you have? What are you celebrating? What good things are in your life? Share them here and we’ll celebrate together! (Even if for you the extended winter is a good thing!)

My good news? I’ve started preparing a few new workshops which I’m quite excited about.

6 thoughts on “Good News Monday!

  1. My good news is, I live in Florida and the azaleas are in bloom. Expecting a spring day today, and I’m on Spring Break. No teaching until April 1.

  2. My restricted aviation radio license came in the mail today, after I passed the test last week. Also, I’m getting the hang of take-offs and landings, and can get the plane on the ground consistently without my instructor stepping in to help.

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