Good News Monday!

Hi everyone! It’s better late than never! I want to celebrate your good news with you!

My good news: I just spent the weekend with wonderful people, some friends I’d known for a while, and made some new friends. I also got to let my inner child play for a while.

What’s your good news?

One thought on “Good News Monday!

  1. You already saw my post, but I found out about an aviation scholarship for women who start their training after attending the women in aviation events, worth upwards of 5K$. It’s a race to fly solo, so I have to hustle to learn – which is an excuse to start flying early. Wish me luck, and anyone who believes in any divinity, pray for clear weather for me today and all week!

    The original post: http://lindsaykitson.com/2013/03/09/flight-school-update-there-has-been-a-change-in-plans/

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