Good News Monday!

Here’s my good news for the day. I just received the following:

Silencing Your Inner Saboteur” is a helpful book not only for writers, but for anyone who has dreams of being creative, but is always finding reasons not to. The helpful life advice is nicely packaged in chapters that examine the problem of self-sabotage and rip it to shreds.
The book is well-written, and also well-documented, drawing on a number of references to drive home the point. The author also includes links (that work!) to many helpful websites and she documents her sources professionally and flawlessly.
Overall, a beneficial and entertaining book for writers and other creative types looking for a way to start as well as those who have their foot in the door, but need that extra push.

-“Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards”

What’s your good news? Let’s celebrate together!

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