What’s Stopping You. . . Part 2

We are now well into September, and our routines are, if not settled, then nearly so. Do you still find you’re unable to take those small steps towards achieving your goals? Maybe you just don’t feel like you have the energy to get started after a long day, and need to use your weekends to recuperate. What if you’ve already taken the time to look at and re-evaluate the problem and what you need to fix to keep moving forward and you still can’t see your way forward?

Take a closer look at the situation, the project, and the overall outcome you are hoping for. What is it about the projject that keeps needing to be fixed? Are you tired of it? Is this the project that is going to give you the outcome you desire? Is it worth your time to continue on it? What is it you are really protesting? Is it a wrong step, or would a different project be better for you and get you to your desired outcome?

I encountered this situation this past week. I’ve been working on a project for the last year. Several times I’ve thought I was well on my way to completion and then I’d get stuck. I’d look back at it, figure out where I went wrong, go back to that point and start fresh, only to get stuck again. This happened several times. It got to the point where I dreaded going back to it. and yet I felt the pressure to continue, to finish, because I don’t believe in abandonning projects just becasue it isn’t working out once or twice. But after a year of struggling, I started paying attention to what my mind and body were protesting. The real protest was that this was not the right project for me. I finally decided to set that project aside for now or indefinitely and to work on a new project. I don’t quite know what that will be, but I’m looking forward to it.

Once I made that decision, I felt relief and joy. I knew I’d listened to myself and know what is right for me. And now, for the first time in a few years, I am excited to be working on a new project. It is in the same field and with the goal of the same end result, it is just a different way of getting there.

What is really stopping you from moving forward?

Is it time for a course correction?

The first week of July and the weather is absolutely beautiful, ideal for going to the beach or sitting by the pool. In the hot summer months, it is easy to get side-tracked from our goals, and those New Year’s resolutions seem forever ago.

It is never too late to take some time to evaluate and re-evaluate our plans for the year, where we are at, where we wanted to go, and where we are headed. How are you doing? Are you still on track for achieving what you had planned to back at the beginning of January? If not, what was it that got in your way?

The majority of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions 3-6 weeks after January 1. This is likely because we tend to aim for major changes that are instant. Common, of course, are resolutions to lose a lot of weight, or work out at the gym for an hour every day,  without much planning beforehand. And when our will-power gives out because we are asking too much of ourselves too soon, we give up.

What were your New Year’s Resolutions? What were your plans for this calendar year? I often evaluate the year around my birthday and make plans for the following year. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? If not, maybe it is time to correct the course you are on.


  • Re-commit to achieving the plan you set for yourself.
  • Set yourself achievable and exceedable goals.
  • Make sure your goals fit into your life, with your prior, non-refundable commitments.
  • Make your plan a priority.
  • Find a friend willing to hold you accountable.
  • Hire a coach to walk with you through the process.

There are times when we need to rely on others to do their bit to help us achieve our goals. If you find yourself waiting for someone else, look back at your goal and ask yourself if you have done everything in your control, to get to where you want to be. If you haven’t, start now. There is plenty of time left to make that course correction.

How has your year been so far? Are you staying on track to accomplish your goals?