Good News Monday!

Happy Long Weekend Monday! It is time again for Good News Monday where we celebrate all the good things in our lives, big or small.

My Good News: I just completed a major project which took up a lot of time. The end product was amazing and made a lot of people happy so I am incredibly pleased with it all. And now I’m looking forward to spending time on other projects that have been pushed to the side.

What is your Good News?

6 thoughts on “Good News Monday!

  1. At Keycon in Winnipeg this past weekend, received an award for “Favourite Past Guest” — the favourite past guest of honour in the thirty-year history of the convention; I was guest of honour in 2003 and in 2006. Yay!

  2. First, AEROBATICS! Yeah, you already know, but I got to do some loops and rolls in a citabria last Wednesday.

    Then, Keycon was awesome. Got great positive feedback on my novel opening both in blue pencil sessions and at writer idol (as did you, Sherry! :D) Came home to an email from one of the editors who had failed to track me down after writer idol, inviting me to submit to them.

    Also, finished fixing the opening chapter based on feedback from J. M. Frey – I’d had no idea that the girl masquerading as a man thing was exactly the same opening as Leviathan, one of the premier Steampunk works of the last few years. An easy fix, since the character was only going to be hiding her gender the one scene – all I had to do is have her show up simply as herself, and use the force of her own personality to make them give her a chance. In the end, it brings out her chutzpah more up front, and I think the story is better for it.

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