Good News Monday!

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Time to celebrate the week that was and look forward to the week ahead. So many adventures and opportunities and surprises that may come your way!

I was going to say that my good news is that Spring seems to finally have arrived and with it the birds nesting in the trees outside my home. As much as I love listening to the birds, my real good news came from a coaching session I had. Yes, coaches get coached as well. I made a really important discovery and a huge breakthrough happened as a result.

What is your good news this Monday?

8 thoughts on “Good News Monday!

      1. Thanks – and on my lesson today they sent me solo to the practice area. It’s the first time I’ve been solo away from the St. Andrews Airport, going around in circles for takeoff/landing practice. I was a little nervous and worried I’d get lost, but lake winnipeg is really big and really easy to spot, and the river flows into it, and the airport is right next to the river, so no real danger of that.

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