When Words Collide
August 11 – 13, 2017
Calgary, AB

Friday, August 11, 2 PM – Fireside

Political Correctness and Truth: I’m not Biased! (Yes You Are) with Amy Totten, Emily Ursuliak, Sherry Peters, Eleanor Cowan

In today’s milieu of invented truths accelerated through social media, how can writers write their own truth and have it heard? Does political correctness impede the writer or encourage him or her to dig deeper? Nothing happens in a vacuum, nor is anything read in one. Readers bring their own biases and preconceptions to a story. How do we take these biases into account when reading something written in a time different from our own? Furthermore, when reading contemporary fiction, how necessary is it to set biases aside to explore outside our comfort zone?



Sunday, August 13, 10 AM – Parkland

Time Travel and the Search for Redemption with C.C. Humphreys, David B. Coe, Roxanne Barbour, Sherry Peters

Much of literature involves characters’ fraught relationship with the past. They are haunted by memories or spend their lives regretting a single horrible decision. Time travel permits the character to confront the past directly, to make literal what in mainstream fiction is only metaphorical. Join us as we discuss stories where time travel is a metaphor or device for witnessing and learning about the past or wishing to correct personal flaws and errors.
Sunday, August 13, 12 PM – Bonavista

Revealing the Past Through Alternate Histories with Erin Lindsey, Hayden Trenholm, Rissa Johnson, Sherry Peters

We think of historical fantasy and alternate history as revisioning the past: but can they be used, instead, to reveal it? How does sci-fi and fantasy enable writers to tell stories that make readers think differently about our history? What are the histories that we choose to tell ourselves?
Sunday, August 13, 4 PM – Bonavista

Class and Equality in Fantasy and Science Fiction with Erin Lindsey, Hayden Trenholm, Kristene Perron, Sherry Peters, Gerald Brandt

In even the most equalistic science fictional societies, class plays a role. They seem to be so endemic to the human psyche that authors can’t get away from them. We look at how class is perceived by authors and how to develop them within a world.




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