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Now Available!

“Mabel the Mafioso Dwarf”
Book 2 in the Ballad of Mabel Goldenaxe

New family, new friends, a run in with the mafia . . . and Mabel thought dating was hard.

Exiled from her family and everything she knows, Mabel Goldenaxe embarks on an adventure with her estranged Mam and the famous elf Aramis. In her new city of Leitham, a bustling metropolis where movies are made and female dwarves are free to choose their own paths, Mabel quickly discovers not everything is as perfect as it first appeared. Her desire to heal an axe-throwing injury turns disastrous and Mabel finds herself a pawn in the dealings of the Elven Mafia. Every choice she makes carries the threat of dire consequences for her newfound family. Can Mabel navigate the betrayal, missteps and intrigue to live the life she wants? Or will she be forever doomed to be a mafioso dwarf?

Print edition available at: AmazonBarnes & Noble, and McNally Robinson Booksellers.

E-book edition available at: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords. Also check your iBooks library, and other e-book retailers.

Once again:
Cover art by Jordy Lakiere (http://www.jordylakiere.com/)
Cover design by Samantha Beiko (http://www.smbeiko.com)


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